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Nepal, country of great fascination blessed with natural wonders from world highest peaks-alpine forest-glacial raging rivers to deep and dense verdant jungles forest of southern belt known as Terai, the flat and low land of Nepal with a sub-tropic warm climate.

Beside all adventure and nature activities, Nepal a country of amazing culture-historical and religious monuments with temples, monasteries, and shrines to heritage sites of bygone days of medieval times.

As the country slowly approaching into modernization with urban modern cities but still retaining it past old and ancient glories, a special country than other parts of the world where both religions Hindu and Buddhists blends in perfect harmony with temples and monasteries side by side, which makes Nepal outmost destinations for cultural and historical wonders.

Nepal takes pride with its ancient practices where most of the world heritage sites are within Nepal around Kathmandu-Patan / Lalitpur and Bhaktapur and beyond.

Nepal with more than 60 ethnic groups and 70 native spoken languages which makes the country full of cultural and religious activities and as well the country famous for the birthplace of Lord Buddha ‘The Light of Asia’ and other historical and religious facts.

Our leads you from cultural, historical sites to scenic places where you can enjoy great delights of a stunning sunrise over chain of mountains in the comfort of luxury lodges, hotels, and resorts as we have various sightseeing tour from cultural, scenic to historical places.

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