Things to remember before traveling Nepal

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Nepal has been the most popular tourist destination. Lots of travelers who admire culture, nature, mountains and authentic rural environment; Nepal has become the dream destination. However, lots of travellers ask questions regarding the safety and things to do in Nepal. This blogger has tried to state the things to remember before travelling Nepal. Find out the cultural, financial and security aspects to keep in mind before holidaying in Nepal.

Authentic Government Registered Travel Agency

Travelling to Nepal is very convenient. Lots of countries across the globe are given VISA on arrival. Therefore, the number of visitors has significantly increased. As the crowd increases lots of fraudulence are occurring. These instances are hampering sustainable tourism development. There are countless fake companies which are run on an ad-hoc basis. These companies have online websites but don’t have fixed office and officials. Moreover, freelancing guides and porters are operating the trekking business on their own without accountability towards Government.

Always ask for the Company registration Certificate, Tax Clearance Certificate, Foreign Currency Exchange Permit Certificate and License of trekking and tour guides before fixing the trip. Travelling with authentic travel agency ensures safe travelling as well as avoids unnecessary overpaying.

Travel Insurance

Nepal is the country of high Himalayas, gorges, forests and remote land. Therefore, there is a high chance of getting caught in various force majeure situations. People get affected by the altitude sickness, accidents and emergencies which require rescue either from the helicopter or via porters. The medical cost might be very high. Therefore, it is wise to get the travel insurance which covers medical expenses, loss of property, emergency helicopter rescue and flight cancellations.

Length of Stay

Always plan the trip with one or two days as spare day. This will enable you to avoid unnecessary hassles. During the trip like Everest Base Camp Trekking, the Lukla flight is very precarious in nature. The unstable climate prompts the frequent cancellation of flights. Therefore, in order to avoid such mishap travellers should consider the one more day as an extra day.

Well Planned Itinerary (Slow Paced)

Most of the touristic destinations especially trekking are on the high altitude. The quick ascent brings a high risk of altitude sickness. Therefore, heed the instructions of guides and ask to prepare the itinerary for you suited to your health and physical ability.

Foods, Drinks & Accommodations

Nepal is a diversified country. There are numerous delicacies to try in Nepal. However, most of the foods are highly spicy. Therefore, try food in Nepal cautiously. You might be encouraged by the trekking guides or locals to try the local spirit. Be aware of these situations. These liqueurs are prepared without any scale and percentage. The alcoholic content is very unstable. Henceforth, it is advised not to drink any local drinks as far as possible. Regarding accommodation, Nepal has improved a lot. Even small establishment takes care of its guests with impeccable hospitality and quality services. However, while travelling to high altitudes teahouses/lodges have very limited facilities.

It might sound funny but we prefer dining hall in high altitude teahouses. The dining hall has a central heating system which keeps us warm more than in a room.

Travel Season and Weather in Nepal

When do you want to holiday in Nepal? Plan accordingly. If you want to travel in the quite period with comparatively cheaper prices, off-season is the best time to visit. However, the weather can be adverse. Nepal experiences four seasons climatically. Winter, Spring, Autumn and Summer are major seasons. Summer is very rainy and winter season has very low visibility. Therefore, lots of travellers prefer to visit Nepal during Spring and Autumn season. Spring season is full of green lush forests and pleasant climate. Autumn season is full of festivity and mild temperature. It is up to you to decide whether to travel Nepal during Offseason or Peak Season.

Petty Cash and Personal Expenses

The dollar is universal and accepted in a small retail shop as well. Avoid unnecessary overpayment while shopping. Always go shopping with guides for the better bargain. You can get money from ATM machine in city areas whereas for the remote region travelling you will have to carry cash. It is very safe even in very remote areas of Nepal.

There are other things to remember before travelling to Nepal. Always inquire in detail about your trip with authentic travel agencies. For more information that you require before travelling to Nepal don’t hesitate to contact the travel planners of Awesome Nepal Treks & Expeditions.


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