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Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most splendid and iconic trekking voyages to do once in a lifetime before you die. However, there are numerous things that you need to know before Everest Base Camp Trek.

The blogger is not intended to discourage trekkers from going EBC Trek. The blogger also is also not exasperating like some bloggers that Everest Base Camp Trek is a very risky and undoable affair.

To put matter simple; blogger intends to provide some important guides for Mount Everest Trek for the hassle-free journey.

Can I take Everest Base Camp Trek journey very casually?

All trekkers should consider the fact that Everest Base Camp Trek isn’t the stroll in the park. It is beyond the park strolling. In fact, if you are careless while walking in the park also there is a high chance of a mishap. After all, Everest Base Camp Trek takes trekkers as high as up to 5545 m from the sea level.

As an experienced traveller around Nepal, the blogger knows that the country is full of mystery and myth. If you close your eye for a minute or two then you are sure to be dazzled.

What’s so fuss about Everest Trekking?

These outstanding myths and mysteries surround the Everest Base Camp Trek. Though these are myths or mysteries; these are sure to be conquered. What more an adventure lover seeks in his or her voyage? Thin air, mountains, moraines, glacier, lakes, rivers, forests and hamlets are the sights to accompany while walking on the trail.

Are you afraid of lots of journals about Everest Trekking on Online Portals?

Precisely, trekkers with a great sense of care and attention to their mental and physical health can easily reach the Everest Base Camp or top of Kalapathar. Don’t read too much of online journals and warnings regarding the risks involved in the Everest Base Camp Trekking.

Human beings are impatient by nature. We love to have things in quick time. That’s the nature of the contemporary world that we live in now. However, Everest Base Camp Trek is subtle and traditional.

It requires trekkers to adopt the most traditional concept of walking in the high Himalayan landscape.

Do locals experience Altitude Sickness?

There are countless incidents on the Everest Base Camp Trek trail involving the locals caught in the altitude sickness. Therefore, don’t go on a myth that locals are not affected by the major hurdle of EBC Trek region the Altitude Sickness.

Always remember to heed the instructions of the trekking guide. Remember that if you are hiring the trekking guide he or she has to be appointed by the Nepal Government Licensed Trekking Agency and has a government guiding license.

What is the easiest way to avoid Altitude Sickness?

Don’t forget the simple rule of walking on the high altitude – walking higher sleeping lower. Yes, don’t overlook the acclimatization activities. Proper acclimatization helps for the quick adaptation to the environment.

Does drinking water help?

My mom often pushes me to drink lots of water even when I am at home. She tells me that drinking plenty of water helps to avoid any kinds of disease. I sometimes feel that is the greatest doctor that I have ever met. Truly this theory does apply in the high mountainous landscape and thin air atmosphere of Everest Base Camp Trek trail.

Drink lots of liquids. This doesn’t include alcoholic liquids. Soups, warm water and juices are the best way to hydrate the body. You should not forget that higher the altitude and thinner the air; dehydration occurs in the body. Dehydration is the worst enemy while walking on the higher altitude like Everest Base Camp Trail.

Do you need to do physical exercises before the trek?

Muscles sprain and fatigue can become an issue. Therefore, start jogging lightly while you are at your own place before embarking on the journey of Everest Base Camp Trek. Regular light exercise is not only good for this trek but for your health as well.

Can you take Diamox as precautionary medication?

Most people think that taking Diamox is very risky. It varies. If you are in grave doubt about yourself then having half of the Diamox pill in the morning and a half in the evening could also do the trick. However, think about your own health conditions as well and your medical history. It is wise to get counsel from your doctor before the trip. If you are not supposed to take such drugs then it is better to avoid it and follow the traditional pattern of trekking in the Everest region of Nepal.

Can you Trek alone in Everest Base Camp Trek?

Some people suggest on various online forums that it is okay to trek on Everest Base Camp Trek trail alone. Yes, it is true. However, for the better chance of getting proper room and food as well as guidance; trekking guide is the must. There are some incidents where trekker travelling alone was lost on the trail.

However, you should be very selective while choosing the right trekking agency and right mountain guide for you.

How is the weather in Everest Region?

Weather is very unstable and unpredictable. Therefore, always have a day or two as spare days in your itinerary. It helps to avoid the stress of missing the flight or rushing in the trek.

Temperature varies in mountains. You might feel very warm and sweating while walking. Don’t lose the clothes that you are wearing because you are sweating. This is the major factor which you might catch by the cold.

What to wear and what to carry on Everest Base Camp Trek Journey?

Getting proper gears and attires help you avoid getting cold. Plan properly. Rent or buy warm clothes, sleeping bags, trekking shoes, socks, gloves and caps according to the instructions given by your travel operator.

Why Morning Flights to Lukla is important?

Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla is the major gateway to Everest Base Camp Trek. However, flight to Lukla is probably the most unpredictable flight journey ever in the world. It is also called as the morning flight destination. Therefore, it is wise to book your trekking package in advance. Two to three months prior to your voyage is considered as an ideal time to get the morning flights. Afternoon flights on this route are highly unlikely. Visibility is very less. High terrain and unpredictable weather make matter worse and it is risky to fly.

Do you need to get Insurance?

Force Majeure is beyond our control. It is better to be preventive rather than acting after any incidents. Anticipating the worst scenario; it is highly advised for all the trekkers to get the Insurance.

Your insurance plan should cover medical expenses and helicopter rescue. Know your body. Don’t let your trekking guide to decide whether you should fake the altitude sickness just to hop into the chopper. There used to be many malpractices on this matter in past. However, the Nepal Government has stepped in to regulate and monitor the helicopter rescue acts.

When is the best time to trek on Everest Base Camp Trail?

Nepal experiences four seasons. For the trekking Spring and Autumn, seasons are considered as the best. Weather is clean and there is a high chance of having splendid scenery. However, Winter season is also considered as the best for the Everest Base Camp Trek but you need to have correct gear while trekking in the winter season. Spring season (March-May), Autumn (September – December) and Winter (December – February).

Overall, the blogger would like to encourage all the trekkers across the globe to visit Everest Bas Camp at least once in a lifetime. This is the best place to relish the wilderness Himalayan Mountains.

If you are fit enough then you are fit enough to leave the prints of your footmarks on the base camp of world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest.

Get the right travel or trekking agency. These solve most of the problems and know your limit as well as plan wisely. There is nothing to be afraid of while trekking in Everest region or anywhere around Nepal.

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