Awesome Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd. "Safety, Quality and Integrity"

Awesome Nepal Treks Team Work

Dil Thapa

Managing Director

Founder and Administration

Awesome Nepal Treks, a foremost and rising native company of Nepal Himalaya, where you can be at complete ease while enjoying in our memorable and fascinating exotic destinations with delightful times and grand excellent services of Awesome Adventure and its expert team of guides and staff.

Awesome Nepal Treks run and managed by Dil Thapa, a tourism professional of more than a decade experiences, Dil Thapa have lead wide-world nationality travelers towards various trekking destination in Nepal Himalaya with his wonderful friendly guidance and services with the traditional touch of Nepalese hospitality.

In Nepal with hundreds of trekking and adventure companies offering the same kind of services on mainstream trekking routes, where Awesome Nepal Treks is quite different from others as we never compromise on cheap based quality, we are always committed with our reputation as a leading and rising adventure company providing our clients with extra excellent services.

Traveling with Awesome Nepal Treks will be fun and enjoyable where our guides will entertain you with full knowledge, information and in-depth of the areas of travel destination providing you with information in local culture-religion-custom-flora and fauna.

All our guides are well trained in medical and high altitude sickness AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) and expert in dealing on the spot with such a situation arise./

Beside trekking and other adventure activities with us you will be pleased that Awesome Nepal Treks is also funded charity for rural poor villages, helping and supporting with our charity for the welfare of the village and its schools providing with school materials, helping to maintain local trails, hygiene, clean drinking water and conservation of its pristine green environment from destructions.

When you arrive and join with Awesome Nepal Treks, you come as a client and a customer, when you leave the country you will depart as a true friend with pleasant and happy memories.

Dipesh Khatri Chhetry

Content Writer

Former Travel Advisor and Blog Writer

I’m happy to introduce Dipesh Khatri Chhetry as a Travel Planner of Awesome Nepal Treks & Expeditions.

Mr. Chhetry is renowned tourism personnel in Nepal who specialize in creating customized travel itineraries for individuals and groups. His sole focus while planning a trek or trip to guests is to provide travelers with a unique and memorable travel experience that meets their specific interests and preferences.

Dipesh Khatri Chhetry has extensive knowledge and expertise in the travel industry, including planning and organizing tours, managing logistics, and providing excellent customer service. He is always into providing travelers with a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience.

Whether you’re looking to explore a new destination or revisit a favorite one, the Dipesh Khatri Chhetry can help you create a customized travel itinerary that fits your budget and travel style. Ask him about your preferences and he can take care of all the details, from booking transportation and accommodations to arranging tours and activities.

So, if you’re looking for a personalized travel experience that’s tailored to your needs and interests, Dipesh Khatri Chhetry Travel Planner is here to help!

Suresh Yonzon “Damche”

Content Writer

Blog and Article Writer

Mr. Suresh Yonzon, popularly known by Buddhist name as Damche, one of the most prominent, veteran guide and trek leader who has led countless of treks and other adventure since past three decades, highly honored as ‘Trekking Guru’ by his colleague and trekking guides and staff of Nepal.
With his long experience in the Himalaya region trekking within Nepal-Bhutan-Tibet to Indian Northern Himalaya areas of Ladakh-Darjeeling and Sikkim, truly a person that one would be interested in the trek with the company Awesome Nepal accompanied by Damche.
Damche an expert senior trek leader will show you the in-depth of the country with his vast knowledge in flora/ fauna, local culture, custom and much more that entertains you all along the journey in Nepal, in company of expert guidance with Suresh Yonzon or ‘Damche’ which means Protector or Guardian / Guidance Angels from Tibetan Buddhism religion.

Bhim Raj Rai ” Snow Leopard”

Trekking Guide

Mountain Guide in Himalaya

Bhim Rai was born in Solukhumbu district in the Everest Region. Mountain, thus, is a huge part of his identity. He went to school in Solukhumbu and was involved in tourism as a porter long before he moved his base to Kathmandu. When he went on a trek as a porter for the first time, he was carrying a load in excess of 30 Kg. But the mesmerizing natural beauty around him captivated him so much that he says that load felt like a mere 2 Kg. Such is his love for the mountains and nature.
He loves to share his love for the mountains with his guests and make opportunities for them to enjoy the Himalayas. Do not let his serious outlook mislead you- there is a fun loving and jocular person hidden behind the face.
Bhim Rai is very enthusiastic about sports, especially football. In his free time, he likes to play football, cricket and table tennis. He also loves playing chess with interested guests high up in the mountains in free time during the trek



Mountain Guide in Himalaya

Mr. Purna born and raised in eastern Nepal within the mighty Everest region, Purna has been with Awesome Nepal since the company was established a few years back.
He has more than a decade experience leading and accompanying worldwide travelers’ throughout Himalayan destinations within Nepal, an expert guide well versed with all knowledge required for the trekking and keeping the customer well satisfied, offering information on local custom-age-old traditional life and culture of the villages on route trekking.
Like all Awesome Nepal guides and leaders with Medical and First Aid knowledge which makes the clients fully assured with safety measures taken by the company and great service of Mr. Purna.
Whatever your choice of trekking and other destination with Awesome Nepal, Mr. Purna will make sure that every client is fit and happy, rest Mr. Purna will make your trip in Nepal well worth with enjoyable times and lasting memories.

Rajeswor Amgain

Trekking Guide

Mountain Guide in Himalaya

Mr. Rameshwor Amagain, a pleasant person and a cheerful guide of Awesome Nepal since last few decades, Mr. Rameshswor has led countless of treks in and around Nepal Himalaya, where world-wide travelers and clients find him as one of the best friendly guide.
No wonder when trekking with Rameshwor always gets excellent feedbacks from the past and present clients, with his vast knowledge of the country informing you with local culture and traditional life of the villagers and as well making sure that every client is happy and enjoying the trip with him and as with Awesome Nepal.
Trekking in the company of Mr. Rameshwor will add another bonus to your trip in Nepal with us, and with his excellent and friendly services that make you feel at home with pleasant and magnificent time in Nepal Himalaya.

Nandu Gharti

Travel Advisor

Skills, Knowledge & Passion

Ms. Nandu Gharti is not sure how she got the adventure and travel bug into her but she knew that she loved to travel quite early in life.

Ms. Gharti was aiming for works that would inspire her, eventually, she found the right place with the ‘Awesome Nepal Treks’ in 2018.

With Awesome Nepal Treks, it was the best kind of job that she had explored all the past years. Where she found the best type of environment to present her skill and knowledge working as per her interest. After getting experience and feeling glad that she left behind her lifeless job, to start her future career; with Awesome Nepal Treks.

At present, she feels satisfied working in a friendly atmosphere, as well as with better opportunities to learn and progress, while enjoying the work.

Ms Nandu Gharti is well versed and has good communication regarding customer service with her efficient skills. As well as with an orientation, in every detail. Along with her good knowledge regarding the tourism industry, and experience in hospitality. Makes every client feel good in making aware of the best decisions about travel planning and arrangements.

With her post working behind her desk in a friendly environment, she is actively communicating with the clients. Designing and planning suitable holiday destinations for all types of travelers. After being part of the Awesome Nepal Treks family group, she feels good, satisfied, and being fortunate. Where she could gain the best skills and knowledge of a once-in-lifetime experience.

Ms. Nandu apart from office work with Awesome Nepal Treks, enjoys listening to all types of soothing and relaxing music. She is also fond of dancing and watching good movies, as relaxation. She also loves traveling and exploring new places, meeting new people, and trying different ethnic cuisines.

At present, she is well satisfied that she has chosen the right kind of job for her bright future; and career in the Tourism Industry. As well as enjoying the work along with her obsession to arrange and planning plenteous of wonderful exotic destinations around the Himalayas.