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Why Travel with ANT?

Why Travel with ANT?

Why Book with Awesome Nepal Treks?

Awesome Nepal Treks & Expeditions is your trustworthy travel companion. You can get services beyond expectations. While organizing tours and leading tours minor hiccups are bound to happen. However, crew members at Awesome Nepal Treks (ANT) strive to provide a hassle-free holiday for travellers in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Mere words stated can’t prove our true mettle. Try us and find out the difference. As our many regular guests have done, we are sure that you will be tempted to recommend us to your friends and family after your trip to Nepal with us.

Based on our two decades of experience in the field of Nepal Tourism and feedbacks by our frequent patrons, here are the strengths that we boast and proud of:

  • Scientific, Diversified, Customizable and Updated Itineraries

At ANT you can find a wide array of itineraries. From short trip to long trip and adventurous trips to luxury family trips can be possible from us. In each and every trekking as well as the touring destination of Nepal, our travel planners have knitted the choice of itineraries. Our travellers can choose the itinerary or trip plan according to their needs. We have an option for our travellers to amend their trip plans themselves in which we place our expert advice to make it fruitful.

For high altitude and strenuous holiday packages, we have enough acclimatization breaks in trip itineraries. Lots of the trekking trails and tour destinations keep on changing in Nepal. As the country is slowly developing the walking trails especially in trekking routes have decreased. We have updated these places. This enables travellers to avoid the expense of unnecessary days and money.

  • Different Themed Holiday Packages

Get spoiled by the choices of holiday plans offered by ANT. We have different trip packages of differing themes. You can always customize your trip. Moreover, the travel planners at ANT have created Trekking, Private Tours, Peak Climbing, Helicopter Tours, Fixed Departure Group Joining Trips, Cycling, Jungle Safari, Adventure Sports, Heritage Tours, Yoga & Meditation Tours, Overland Tours, Expedition, Volunteering, Home Stay Tour etc. Therefore, for the fulfilment of having the sumptuous holiday in terms of experience and money’s worth, you can get an array of holiday packages. Choose whichever suits you best to explore majestic Nepal for the wonderful holiday.

  • Locality-Based Trip Support Mechanism

Our entire trip is organized with the view to support the locality as well. From the selection of crew members to the lodging and food; we try as best as possible to use the local products and services. This helps us to maintain the healthy relation among locals and also provide a warm welcoming to our travellers. This mechanism supports our mission and vision as well of working towards building sustainable tourism in rural areas of Nepal.

  • Charitable Works & Eco – Friendly Measures

Annually the company spends 15% of its income on charity works. So far we have been able to provide the skill enhancement training to the families of porters and Sherpa. For the marginalized community, we select 3 children every year and sponsor their stationery and educational materials. Apart from these works we also conduct regular training for our trekking guides and leaders. We ensure the proper eco – friendly measures to be implemented while leading the trips. Our crew members never litter the trail or destination rather spreads information of cultural as well as natural preservation. Travelling with us will indirectly support the lots of families and remote areas of Nepal.

  • Impeccable Service, Safety and Trip Success Rate

We strive to provide the best services possible to our valued clients. Their safety and trip success rate is always taken into consideration. We understand the value of hard earned money. We share a similar notion of travelling together as strangers and returning as family members. In these two decades of the journey while taking travellers across the globe to beautiful places of Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan we have the proud record of almost 100 % trip success rate. Keeping aside the unavoidable circumstances we have always guaranteed the trip success.

  • No Hidden Costs

All our trip packages include no Hidden Costs. After agreeing on the terms and conditions with us you will get what is promised in the set rate or cost. Apart from mentioned in our itineraries or trip plans, we guarantee that there are no hidden costs.

We have a hugely structured system of correspondence, staff screening and hiring. This enabled us to assemble the best Trekking Guides of Nepal, Porters and Sherpa.