Anna Barnes

Trip Name : Annapurna Circuit
Full Name: Anna Barnes
Country : Australia

Message: I had the pleasure of having Dil as our guide along the Annapurna Circuit in winter season of 2016/2017. We had an absolutely amazing trek, experiencing all you could ask for and more in the Himalayas. Annapurna offers a huge variety in terrain, scenery, weather and challenges. Each giving its own experience and forging many memories.

Dil was an absolute professional as a guide, from the moment he met us at Kathmandu airport to the moment we said goodbye. Nothing was too difficult for him. He was happy to help us with little things like collecting our passport photos to the big things like carrying one of our group members packs over the pass, and would answer any question we had for him. Dil obviously has a good relationship with the local villagers and is well respected by them. This was obvious to us in the conversations he had as he chose our accommodation and helped with the serving of our meals. Dil also had the utmost respect for our porters, as they did for him. It was a well oiled partnership which was a pleasure to be a part of.

Our small group all succumbed to the flu at some stage during the trek. Dil was fantastic with giving us recommendations on changes with the itinerary and he was spot on every time. The decisions made lightened the load on us when needed but did not hinder our experience at all.

I had absolute trust and faith in Dil the entire trek. He is a well seasoned guide with his trekker’s best interests at heart. He was the professional guide the entire trek and by the end a good friend, someone who enjoyed a good laugh with our group! If I ever have the chance to trek in the Himalayas again, I will be returning to trek with Dil. Thank you Dil!!

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